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Fill out the inventory list and all the required moving information. Submit the completed online moving quote form to us and we will send you an exact, Guaranteed Flat Rate moving price quote that is not based on time. We also offer low competitive hourly rates in Phoenix metro area if you don't want to fill out our form.

Flat Rate moving prices are not based on time. No matter how long it takes the movers, your Flat Rate moving quote won't change. Your price will only be as accurate as your inventory list and moving conditions. Flat Rates are based solely on your specific inventory pieces, mileage, stairs, elevators, long carry, and any special handling needs.

Moving quote for our Flat Rate quotes include two movers (unless otherwise stated, one moving truck, and all the moving equipment to safely complete your move. It does not include shrink wrap, wardrobe cartons, tape, or any packing materials unless it has been requested and noted in your quote. Your privacy is very important to us.

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Home Gym
Air Conditioner / Window Hutch
Select # of Pieces
Air Compressor
Ironing Board
Bakers Rack Jewelry Cabinet
Bar Portable Ladder, Under 8'
Bar Stools Ladder, Over 8'
B-Ball Hoop / Portable / Empty Lamp
Bassinet Lamp, Floor
Bed, Day/Trundle
Lawn Mower
Please Select Type 
Bed, Bunk
Lingerie Chest
Bed, Captain's
Marble/Granite Top
Bed, Dbl./Single
Mattress, King
WITH NO FRAME. List here if not listed as complete bed.
Bed, Electric Mattress, Queen
WITH NO FRAME. List here if not listed as complete bed.
Bed, King/Queen
Mattress, Full / Twin
WITH NO FRAME. List here if not listed as complete bed.
Bed, Post/Canopy
Mattress, Single
WITH NO FRAME. List here if not listed as complete bed.
Bed, Water
We Do Not Drain

Microwave Cart
Bench, Park Microwave
Bench, Piano
Bench, Vanity Motorcycle, Street
Bicycle Motorcycle, Dirt
Bird Bath Motor Vehicle, ATV
Bird Cage Night Stand
Box, Small under 50 lbs. Organ, Small
Box, Large or over 50 lbs. Ottoman
Box, Wardrobe Piano, Spinet, grand, baby grand, electric, upright
Book Case Pictures
Select # of Pieces
Ping Pong Table - Portable
Cabinet, Corner Plants, Large
Cat Tree Plants, Small
Cedar Chest Plant Stand
Chair, Armed Playpen
Chair, Chaise Lounge Printer Stand
Chair, High Chair Quilt Rack
Chair, Computer/Office Refrigerator
Chair, Kitchen Refrigerator, Side-by-Side
Chair, Dining Room Divider
Chair, Lawn/Patio Rug, Over 4'
Chair, Overstuffed Rug, Under 4'
Chair, Recliner Safe
Safe Weight?
Chair, Rocker Serving Cart
Chest of Drawers Sewing Machine
Chimney / Patio Shop Machines, under 200 lbs.
Changing Table Shop Machines, over 200 lbs.
China Cabinet
Select # of Pieces
Skis (pair)
Clothes, Hanging per/foot.
(Free Wardrobe Rental With Flat Rate Moves)
Sofa, Love Seat
Sofa Type 

Coffee Table
Glass Top? 
Sofa, Full Size
Sofa Type 
Cooler Sofa, Sectional
Sofa Type 
How many Sections? 
Cooler, Full Speakers
Computer, CPU/Key/Mon
Unhooked Only
Stereo Components
Unhooked, Each Piece
Copy Machine, Large Stereo Cabinet/Stand
Copy Machine, Small Storage Cabinet, Small
Credenza Storage Cabinet, Large
Crib - Baby
Storage Shelves
Curio Cabinet Stove/Oven
Select # of Pieces
Desk, Executive
Select # of Pieces
Swing Set (broken down)
Desk, Roll Top Table, Conference
Dishwasher Table, Card
Dog House Table, Small Kitchen
Drafting Table Table, Large Dinning
Table, Drop Leaf
Dryer Table, Folding
End Table
Glass Top? 
Table, Patio
Entertainment Center
Select # of Pieces
Table, Picnic
Etagere Table Saw, Contractor
Exercise Equipment
Not Home Gym
Table Saw, Cabinet
Fan Table, Sofa
Glass Top? 
Fax Machine Tool Box, On Wheels
Select # of Pieces
File Cabinet, Legal
Number of Drawers 
Is it Fire Rated?      
Tool Box, Hand Carry
File Cabinet, Letter
Number of Drawers 
Is it Fire Rated?      
Toy Box
File Cabinet, Lateral
Number of Drawers 
Is it Fire Rated?      
Tree, in-a-pot (under 50 pounds)
Fish Tank, Per/Gal
Number of Gallons? 
Contents Must Be Emptied
Trunk, Storage
Fish Tank, Stand Typewriter
Footboard/Headboard TV Trays, Set of 6
Foot Stool TV up to 19 inch
Freezer, Small TV 20-32 inch
Freezer, Large TV 33-36 inch
Fountain, Garden TV 36 inch or larger (Projection, LCD, Plasma)
Futon TV Stand
Garbage Can VCR/DVD
Garden Hose Vacuum
Garden Tools Vacuum, Shop
Glass Shelves Vanity
Glass Top, Large Vanity, w/mirror
Glass Top, Small Vase
Golf Cart, Drivable Washing Machine
Golf Bag Water Cooler
Grandfather Clock Water Jugs, Full
Grill, Gas Weight Bench
Gun Rack Weights, Free
Gun Safe
Hat Rack Wine Rack
Hide-a-Bed Work Bench
Please enter items not listed above here.
Enter information such as special handling requirements for Antiques or over size furniture, wardrobes, packing material or shrink wrap. Please be specific about any unusual pieces or moving conditions.

Flat Rate Quote - Prices are not based on time, weight or cubic feet. No matter how long it takes our movers, your Flat Rate quote won't change. Your price will only be as accurate as your inventory list and moving conditions. We also offer low competitive Hourly Rates quotes.
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